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AgriCulture Film Festival

The Agri Culture Festival aims to raise awareness of the links between culture, agriculture, food production and biodiversity and to become an innovative environment where to meet and exchange audiovisual productions on these links.

The Festival wishes to bring young people, the world of learning, independent filmmakers and cinema-lovers closer to farmers and their world

All institutions and associations dealing with formal or nonformal learning, farmers, as well as independent filmmakers, are encouraged to realize short films on what “Agri Culture” means to them.

The Objectives of the festival:

Spread knowledge and awareness about farming, its values and products in different environments;
To create a connection between schools, cinema and the agriculture worlds;
Foster strong links among different players in education, the audiovisual arts and farming, in opening up new communication avenues for quality products and training opportunities for young people;
To open new promotional channel for quality agricultural products;
Contribute to sustain green economies;

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“Agri Culture” originates from the collaboration between Flos Olei, a world leader in the promotion of extravirgin olive oil and food quality, and MEET (Movies for European Education and Training) promoting media use and cinema festivals in Education and Training.

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Sections - 2017


    PARTICIPANTS ADMITTED: All kinds of European primary and secondary schools, agriculture companies, universities, filmmakers.

    THEMES ADMITTED: Works made in Europe and focused on the Agriculture world(land use, agroecology and food production) with a special attention on the objectives of Europe 2020 strategy of the European Union and videos realized within EU programmes dedicated to agriculture, culture and education and training sectors.

    STYLISTIC TYPE ADMITTED:Documentaries, news reports (with interviews, environments), commercials, fiction, animation movies and "hybrid" productions (maximum length of 45 minutes).

    PARTICIPANTS ADMITTED:Farms, Private or public institutions, schools, associations, universities, academies, cinema productions houses, filmstudios, film-makers, companies, etc. operating in the agriculture world (outside Europe).

    THEMES ADMITTED: Works made outside Europe and focused on themes of land use, agroecology and food production. 

    STYLISTIC TYPE ADMITTED: Documentaries, news reports (with interviews, environments), commercials, fiction, animation movies and "hybrid" productions (maximum length of 45 minutes).
Read the announcement and take part in the new AgriCulture Film Festival edition